Last night was not a “wave”. It was more of a

“flash flood”. If you read me here often….I am


nothing but Honest. I Told you House=yes, &

Senate=no. That’s Because Democrats Had a

lot more Seats Up For Grabs, where as all the

Republican’s didn’t. In 2020 and 2022 That Is

not the case. But Wins all Around Mean a Big

“check” on the orange tyrant and Republicans

Speaking Of “Holy Shit” ‘Checks’, Trump, Just

asked Jeff Sessions to resign. He did. And it’s

called being “fired”. There is no Way to “Spin”

this. Mueller will be Working over-time now &

(It is!)

there is no getting away from this glaring fact

And Now Nelson From Florida & Abrams from

Georgia Races are Too Close to call & WELL in

the “recount” territory of 1%/.5% or less; also

Gillum could be in that territory as well at .7%

And Shrinking. Count ALL The Votes, Then We

move on. Every Vote has a Legal right to all be

Counted. The House Win Protects Mueller And

that Can’t Be Understated. If the New AG fires

or “stops” Mueller, there will be charges and it

(AG Penis Head)

ends With Trump In Jail. Unlike Nixon, We got

the crimes he/his kid committed easily proven

NOTE: Dead Man, Ex Bunny Ranch Trumper ‘Wins’
Election. Yes, They Voted For A Fucking Dead Guy,
And We “Wonder” Why We Can’t Have Nice Things
NOTE II: Trumps Tries To “Distract” From a House
LOST By ‘Attacking’ CNN’s Jim Acosta He CLEARLY
Is feeling The “Heat” of Mueller coming causing the
Sessions Firing And This Lunacy Shit. It won’t work

Have a day!

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