Every, Vote, COUNTS. Every One. No Matter Which

party, or for whom It’s cast for. Count them all & it

(Yes it does)

will be clear who the winner is. There is no fraud &

there Will be no “interference” by Republicans or a

loud lying Asshole Temporarily In The White House

Even though they are tryin’ to deny vote that were

cast. Nope. The Count will Go on as per the rules &

the correct Vote Total will be done by this Saturday

And in what is really the most Disgustingly evil and

sad ever. A security guard who helped stop a mass

shooting………..was SHOT DEAD by police. For fucks

sake. Yes, the security guard who had a hat on and


a gun, stopped the Would be shooter, Held him on

ground; then Midlothian Police Showed up, & Shot

HIM. The Security Guard was Black & the two fuck

cops were…….WHITE. This is Pure Evil shit that will

not stand any longer. Charge the cops with murder

NOTE: CNN Sues The White House Over Jim Acosta’s Removal
And “Who” From The Rest Of The PRESS Stood Up To Support
Jim & Denounce This?!?!?! That is right. NO ONE. You ARE ALL
Cowards. This, Is The Most Un-American Thing, In My Lifetime

Have a day!

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