One More Day & EVIL Shooting…

November 5th, 2018

Get out, grab your Neighbors, canvas, call,

e-mail, Hustle. Only Together Can we WIN

(WAY up!)

This is “One Of The Most Historically” Vital

elections we have had in our Nations Brief

life. These House Races, Senate Races and

Governor Races Are All Tight. It Can ONLY

happen IF YOU VOTE! ‘Ignore’ The Orange

lunatic. Don’t give his Hate Fire Oxygen to

even Breathe. Just Focus on one thing and

one Thing Only. “VOTER TURNOUT”. If It’s

high. We have a Massive wave crashing on

(They vote!)

their Immoral Racist heads. If not we are a

damaged Nation Who Must Suffer Til’ 2020

The Stakes simply Couldn’t be Higher folks

Obama has The Best Honest Remark About

Trump & All Republicans Today. It Has The

best impact, Because it is also so Very True

The turn out Right now “favors” Democrats

but Leave NO “STONE UNTURNED”, and Go

Out To Get EVERY Voter, Friend, Worker Or


anyone Drawing Air to Vote For Our Future

Tomorrow Night, Could be a great night for

America; only if we use all our voting rights

NOTE: Evil, Horrific Unacceptable Shooting Occurs
AGAIN. We, Have Had Enough. Even “Gun Owners”
Have Had Enough, & Are SO Close, To Gun Control
Folks In National ‘Polling’. This Madness MUST End
He Was A RIGHT WINGER Incell. Geee, “Terrorists”

Have a day!

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