This, is, Anti-Representative Democracy. This is also

Fascism. PERIOD. We have insane racists spewing a

(<-“Here’s Racist!”)

“lynching” statement in Mississippi then just running

away from it with no apology; we have a lying racist

POTUS who doesn’t Remotely know how Absentee or

provisional are CAST in our elections spewin’ his lies

about non-existent “Voter fraud”. This is just historic

LUNACY that Isn’t Acceptable. This, Must End. We’re

a national of laws, Rules & will not Accept This HATE

& lies Anymore. It’s Over, done, finished. I quote the

Simpson Tree House Of Horrors ‘season 6’, Attack Of

(“Just Don’t Look!”)

The 50-Foot Eyesores. “Just Don’t Look!!”. The More

attention we Give these Monsters, the more they All

enjoy it. Call it out, move on & They Will all go Away

NOTE: Marvel Legend Stan Lee Passed away at the Age Of 95
It Was ‘Likely’ His Heart & Pneumonia. His Imprint On Our Big
World Will NEVER Be ‘Forgotten’. He Made It “Cool” To Be The
Comic Book Nerd I Always Clearly Was. Thanks for The Stories
NOTE II: And Now, NAZI Youth, Saluting In School Picture Yes
You READ That ‘Correctly’. A Fucking NAZI Salute, before their
Prom. Get To The Bottom Of This. It Is 2018. This Is ‘Pure Evil’

Have a day!

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