Another Horrific Shooting. 13 Dead, Never to

draw breath. And for no Fucking Reason what


so ever. My Heart Breaks for the Victims and

all their families/friends/cousins. I am all out

of tears. But I certainly have a shitton of new

motivation to Demand Rational Sensable Gun

Control NOW!!!(Mental Heath Screens, UBC’s,

close the Gun show Loophole, etc.). All of this

inaction to Even “DISCUSS” Measures is PAST

Unacceptable. Speaking of Unacceptable, The

Florida Races for Governor & Senator are still

TO CLOSE TO “CALL” with the Gaps Shrinking


And Recounts have Triggered. Oooooooooops

The Same in Georgia, where the former AG’s

the fucking asshole on the ballot. He resigned

today finally. But EVERY Vote will be Counted

You can bet your Damn ass on that. This does

favor the Democrats With Absentee Ballots as

the 65-35 for counties in their deep favor now

NOTE: Ignorant Partisanship On The Left Is NOT
Remotely Acceptable. A Group went To 1 Tucker
Carlson’s Home To Yell, Bang On Their Door And
Harass His Family. That, Is Not Right, Or Helpful
VOTING, Not Violence. That Is The Only Solution
And Now they gave An Intolerant Asshole A Safe
Space To Spew White Nationalist Bullshit IDIOTS

Have a day!

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