Things Are “Heating Up”…

November 14th, 2018

LITERALLY. Not In Chicago, Where it’s Colder

than an Eskimo’s Anus, but Down in Florida it


is now Dealing With all Over Heating ReCount

Machines. Yes you read it right. And while the

“Count” continues Until we have a Total, Ricky

Scott, The Republican, in One Of Those CLOSE

Elections, Thinks he Already WON. Ooooooops

This’ll Bite Him in The Ass, As Most Uncounted

votes are Palm Beach & Broward. And, as This

is Goin’ down, the Orange Baby Pouts about a

Mid-Term Killing, That Is now Statistically Just


a Called A “Blue Wave”. It is So Bad even FOX

is defending CNN’s Law suit against The White

House. And, Let Us Never Forget all those Who

were lost/Died In The California Fires. We give

much love, time and Efforts to help in any way

NOTE: Mitch McConnell, The MASTER, OF Partisanship
Hate/Underhanded Level Evil Shit Is now Begging, For
“Bi-Partisanship” Now. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha. Fuuuuuck Off

Have a day!

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