Seems The US Military Isn’t Taking any

“Tweets” as legal Policy these days and

(Treason Cheetolini)

that is how we Should ALL handle him

The entire Shit surrounding this White

House. Daily he berates Sessions tryin’

to Get Him To Quit. He Won’t, which is

great. Even if he did Quit, that’s a clear

big cased Closed to Trump. Let’s face it

the case is already Closed. It’s now just

Muellers Game and the Walls are closin’

in Fast. Watch For FAR More ‘Erratic’ In

(We know)

the Coming days/weeks. When a Dumb

ass is cornered expect loud bullshit and

in Historic levels. Down, Down they GO

NOTE: The BSOA Decided They Now All
HATE Trump, AFTER They Allowed This
Insanity To Occur…& On Tuesday Never
Apologizing. Not Accepted, On My Honor
You Vile Lyin “Now We’re Hurt” Assholes

Have a day!

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