Oh, John McCain…

July 26th, 2017

How far you’ve fallen. History will

not be “Kind” to you what-so-ever

(Not Smart)

By now youall must already know

that Republicans Voted With a VP

tie Breaker Simply to Debate This

Hideous Odious Hateful Shitty Bill

The only two R’s who really Voted

against this Train Wreck were two

woman: Collins & Murkowski. The

big take Away was John McCain &

it makes ZERO sense. He had this

great speech, but his VOTE to still

(We know)

‘Debate’ A FAILED Concept Is Just

An ‘Ignorant Vile Evil’. See His Big

speech didn’t match his vote and

Set aside he has a brain Tumor, &

for him to Show Up was an Action

of strength. But his Vote was NOT

No matter, Tuesday Night So very

late, They lost on Gutting the ACA

57-43. If they’re playing games on

This, It’s Just As Bad. This is likely

(So long!)

2 be dead since they’ve a massive

Division Between Moderates, And

the Far Right With All This inanity

But these Games with our citizens


It’ll Be Punished At The Ballot Box

NOTE: The Treasonous Orange Ass
Decided To, Unconstitutionally Add
Transgender Discrimination, Going
Against An Equal Protection Clause
No Matter, ‘Legally’ He Can’t And It
Will Die Just Like All His Failed Shit
Its SOLELY To Stop All The Russian
Heat He Has Melting Him. Noooope
(A New Hero Beck Emerges Just To
Confront Trump Face To Face Bam)

Have a day!

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