TrumpDoesn’tCare Fails…

July 18th, 2017

“I make the best deals!!!”. Ha ha ha

The Repeal Bill to End Obamacare is

(Joke’s on you!)

Dead. They lost around 5 Votes But

Could Only Stand, 2 Lost At Most. It

is An Epic Collapse. Trumpy ‘Knows’

nothing about this Bill or Healthcare

at all. Make no mistake this is pretty

big. They Failed. Trump hasn’t had 1

single Clean Legislative victory yet &

it seems he never Will. Russia looms

and, Special Prosecutor Mueller Is In

(<-Toilet Paper?)

full Work Mode. Notice, not A single

“leak”. Air Tight & Outta Sight. They

are all Legally Going down. Make no

mistake, Voters Are Pissed At All the

R’s vote and them all ignorin serious

Russian Collusion / Treason Charges

Keep sailing directly into your certain

political death guys. Yes, you own it!

NOTE: An 8th Russian Ike Kaveladze
Attended The Don Jr., Kushy Meeting
He’s Directly Tied, To The Agalarov’s
NOTE: LOOK At “This” Exchange And
More “Importantly” LOOK Directly At
Jared Kushners Face/’Reaction’ Smirk
Right At 20:40, And The Smirk 20:46
Knowing Everything, We Know Today
This, Is ‘Disgustingly Evil Shit’ People

Have a day!

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