The latest Hired lyin’ Machine

to cover for Drumpf is Named

(<-Lying Whore)

Tony Sackofmooching; and he

joins a magical list of lying ass

hole Treason enabling fuckers

This is the same Guy who just

“bashed” trump years ago. Oh

so now we know he’s a Hooker

We’re Just Haggling Price Now

And That Price is Rock Bottom

He was hired To lie coverin’ Up

the grave damage of the russia

& “Special Prosecutor” Mueller’s

(“Remember me?!?”)

findings. Except This Tony my

man….when you lie for anyone

who committed/is committing

Treason/Obstruction, Or Even

Collusion, YOU’RE in it as well

His “Job” is to Reboot a Failed

Presidency. Tall order & failed

(Obama ‘destroyed’ him in 09)

Trumper Tantrum 9.Blow

Trump Bashed Sessions Again

He also Cried Like A little tiny

(Going down!)

Puss Claiming “Hey, All Those

GOP Congressmen Don’t have

my fat lying racist Treasonous

back”. Trumps “goal” here is a

Session Resignation so He can

hire Another lying Treasonous

yes man to fire Mueller. Oh, &

you can bet with all Donny Jr’s

(Lie 7 Trillion)

Wednesday “private” interview

instead of “Public”. As Far as a

Nothing Burger he’s a whooper

Jr. The Walls are closing in fast

NOTE : And Now, Richard Milhouse
Kushner, Incorrectly Claims, “I Am
Not A Crook!!”. So, The Guy Who’s
‘Lied’, On Every Security Clearance
Form; “Didn’t Collude, With Russia”
Forgive Me But Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha
TOMORROW: Democrats Tone Deaf
Messagin’ Is Ignorantly Out Of Step
They Best Get With The Best Bernie
Wing, & Policy Progressives Or Lose

Have a day!

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