Orange One is Dreading All forms

of “Sessions”. From Therapy, to a


any weight loss, to the AG Jeffrey

Trump can’t seem to ever get out

of the Way of Himself these Days

It is a Rather Common Tale in his

world of Lies, Hate & Treason. So,

he now lashed out at Ag Sessions

AND, “Threatened” Mueller, ‘The’

DOJ’s Special Prosecutor. Ha ha!

He Didn’t Threaten So much as a

“Warn” about any of his Finances

(“Under Bus”)

not Tied t0 Russia. Ahem they all

ARE, You Insane lying Fuckabout

To say he’s “lost it” is an insult to

“It”. He, never HAD “It”. He Now,

“Regrets” Appointing Sessions To

the AG position because he won’t

lie/Cover Shit up & then Recused

himself. Walls are closin’ in, bigly

NOTE: OJ Simpson ‘Paroled’ Today
Ohhhhhh Boy. Well, He Served His
Time & Only Time Will Tell On This
When You Look At The Violent Acts
On Their Necks, That Man’s So Still
Inside Him. It ‘Best’ All Stay Inside
NOTE II: Senator John McCain Has
A ‘Brain Tumor’ Hope He Gets Help
And Fights This. The Good News Is,
HE, Has Excellent Healthcare, Irony

Have a day!

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