July 28th, 2017

Is….Fucking….Awesome! Yes, It Is

one wild Ride you might not grasp

(Kick ass!)

at 1st. You Will. You’re Smart and

Most Importantly, It, Is ALL About

History. Sorry, I adore our history

spoiler alert: the pic jumps around

in time, So Please Note this for the

Maximum Effect for All The Scenes

NOTE: So….McCain Etches His Name
In History Forever As The Lone “Nay”
Likely Saving ACA From Demise And
The One Question?! Where Were ALL
The Others: Sasse, Portman, and ALL
Other So Called Moderates?!?!? They
Don’t Fucking EXIST!! McCain, Saved
His Legacy, As A Decent Human Man
NOTE II: So, Trump Replaces Reince
Priebus, With John Kelly. This Is Just
Insanity Lunacy And All Of The Walls
Are Closing In, On Trump/Toads Fast

Have a day!

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