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“Clown Car” Meeting…

July 17th, 2017

Ever had a meeting, Where Another 4-5 people attended? Oooooooooooooooops (How many fit?) Donny Jr’s “Meeting” Had Other Russian Operatives in that Room. Meet one Rinat Akhmetshin, A ‘Russian Lobbyist’. Trump Sr. Lawyer Jay Sekulow lied about secret service Not Checking This meeting. They all Pushed back very Hard. The walls are closing in, and […]

The Slick Big Sick…

July 14th, 2017

Go see it, a friend of mine is in it (Chicago baby!) I’ll be going Very Soon cause I’ve heard such Great things bout this Hell it’s got my Favorite character in it; the City of Chicago. Boooom Have a weekend!

And, Contusion, Injunction, Intervention, Tribulation all describe the lunacy that is (Unhinged) Kellyanne Conway. She Went On TV and played “Unhinged Moron” Sesame Street with odd Word association games simply to “Distract” from the Shellshocking Don Jr e-mails where he Admitted he wanted Collusion, With The Russian Government They aren’t even holding any more Press […]

The entire White House is a Footlocker with Butter Fingered drunk stockers. It (Ooooops) is Serious. For Trump, Jr, Kushner and all people Still in this Fail Trump White House “Russia” isn’t going away and it, more importantly, Leads to Their down falls. This is collusion and Treason folks The law Doesn’t Fuck Around With […]

Donald Cuck Jr just told the world he committed Collusion & Treason (No shit!!!) in a bunch of e-mails he “released” Ex – WH Ethics Lawyer Richard “A Honest Dude” Painter, To W. Bush laid It Out Very Clearly, “Any loyal American Would Call The FBI…..we have got The TOP 3 people, of This Political […]

With Donny Jr meeting with A Russian Lawyer For Information, About Clinton (Busted) ‘Opposition Information’. He Took that meeting. Oooooooooooooooooooooops See, when I go to hire a hitman, & the guy I try to Hire is A Cop, I’m STILL so fucking busted. They’re all going Down It’s gotten to bad the Director of Ethics […]

Seems Trumpy couldn’t find his limo Maybe he should’ve Just looked for a (“Right there billy”) limo, With 1 Billion From Putin Owned VEB bank; that he’d spot. These days he misses hands as well and make no mistake, it is not a big deal at all. Just more From A Child Who Is As […]

Hope Your 4th Was Awesome, And All your digits are still attached. No more (Noooooice) short wicks for this Guy (moves only 7 fingers). I kid but it was Awesome and hope yours was as well where ever you Are. But, If, You Are Chris, “Jimbo Ass” Christie (With his Historic low approval rating of […]

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