In the ever burnin Trumpster Fire

Known As, Trumps Administration

(We know!)

another Couch was thrown on that

pile. After only 11 fucking days one

Anthony Scaramucci was Removed

from the Job. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

His wife left him, he hitched his big

lying Asshole idiot wagon to Trump

and This is what happens. So, Front

stabbed, backstabbed, stab stabbed

The Mooch Has Scooched & Lost his

(So long!)

chooch. They could all fuck up a one

car funeral. The Walls are Closing in

and The Orange Anus Is Spewing All

Nonsense to Avoid Those Walls. But,

It’s Not Going to Help. Writing Is On

those Walls and Even he knows That

NOTE: Racist Asshole Joe Arpaio Was
Convicted Of Contempt Of Court, And,
It “Could”, Cost Him 6 Months, In Jail,
But At 85, Not Likely. Ooooooooooops
RIP: Sam Shepard An Acting ‘Legend’

Have a day!

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