Terror Attempt Up In Smoke…

December 11th, 2017

This morning in NYC, a would be Terrorist

had his Home Made Pipe Bomb blow up in

(Oh shit)

his Own arms. No One Was Killed which is

Amazing. Thank Goodness For that. And it

only mildly Injured 3 (Ringing in ears, etc)

The turd was a self radicalized on-line ISIS

fraud. Never list his name or his photo and

the reason?!? Never give them The PR they

all Desperately Seek. See, if Your ideas and

views are being heard/practiced, they don’t

do this Evil Terrorist Shit. They’re all losing

(Stay safe)

and it Shows. Any/All Religious terrorism is

evil. Now and forever. No Excuses for them

Tomorrow…Alabama Votes

Well, You All Know By Now, Roy “Predator

Fired Asshole” Moore Is Being Voted On in

(“I see an asshole”)

an election Tomorrow in Alabama. So, if he

wins…the Entire Republican has his face as

their Logo Forever. If Jones Wins, it simply

means some Voters in that area are sane or

actual Human beings. It’s a partisan area &

should go To Moore. When it does, lunatics

voted for a twice Fired partisan predator vs

A Democrat. It Is Solely About Tribe / Party

and not reality. Maybe That’s Why Alabama

is the Lowest Ranked In Income, Education,

(Racist Frauds)

IQ, business, and Has No Pro Sports Teams

But They’re top 5 in Welfare Which Is Odd &

those ‘Trump Voters’ Don’t Know a Lick then

Have a day!

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