Republicans insist they have the “votes” to

pass the most Toxic tax relief bill that is so

(<-Lying Penis Face)

really just for The Top 1% while sprinkling

in a few for us Common Folks that ALL will

expire In say 1-2 years, while the rest are

ALL permanent for corporate tax rates. Oh

geeeeeeee, no way (Fakes eyeroll). This is

so Toxic it Has Enraged Most All Voters for

The 2018 Mid -Terms. Citizens Are PISSED

off and rightly so. This give away leaves us

$1.5 TRILLION in ‘Debt’. Oh….Republican’s

(“Let’s Run!”)

DON’T care about Deficits. They never did

It was all a lie because they reject anythin’

and Everything Democrats ever do. Get it?

Mueller Closing In Fast…

Republicans are all fucked and they are all

Terrified. So Now, Like Everything In Their

(“You, jail!”)

“Partisan Hate World” they will now Attack

Mueller and The Entire FBI. They have this

fundamental Disdain for Reality, Facts and

the law (always have since 1960) They will

now ALL attack Mueller a life long fair, and

very honest non-partisan Republican. Make

no mistakes here, they don’t hate him they

hate the charges and Facts about Trump so

much they will Commit the Fallacy of Shoot

(Bye Bye!)

The Messenger Yesterday. They, ALL Know

Kushner And Donny Jr Are Next Meaning it

All, Comes Down, To Trump. They Are All 1

of the most evil vile unethical brands of shit

for 99.9% of Republicans Today. It’s so bad

they’re ALL Attacking the .1% nonstop with

lies and hate. Why?!?!?! It’s all they got left

NOTE: Horrible Amtrack Train Crash Killed 6
It Is SO Very Terrible. Much Love Out Too All
Family And Loved One’s Who Are All Sufferin’

Have a day!

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