All Franken is resigning from office

While Roy Moore & Trump Have All

(Oh no!)

Pushing Their Hands down Pants &

sexual Assault. A Vast Difference in

two Parties. So Should Fraken have

resigned?! Right now with all of the

facts we have?!? No, but this is now

the World We live in. If he did what

is alleged? Yes, he should. Time will

tell but when Stone & the right wing

are leading the Charge while they’re

all committin’ horrific sexual Assault

(Well no shit!)

acts yet holding office. It’s hypocrisy

101. Speaking of Defending The Acts

of molesting racist twice fired frauds

We Have Janet “I’m A Lying Asshole”

Porter has the worst interview where

she literally avoided every question &

doesn’t even Know Basic Facts About

Roy Moore. She’s a fraud, a liar and it

is Past “Disgusting”. But What does it

take these days to be Republican?!?!?

(<-Lying Fraud!)

Well, a fraud, liar, disgusting so she’s

in perfect company. And that is gross

NOTE: A Republican Trent Franks Will
Resign After His Term. So Long Lying
Prick. Vote Them ‘ALL’ Out Of OFFICE
NOTE II: California Wild Fires Burn In
Out Of Control Manor. Much ‘Love’ To
All Those Effected This Is Serious Shit

Have a day!

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