Alabama Spoke Last Night. While Democratic

candidate Doug Jones won it was only by 2%

(A Win!)

Yes ya read the correctly. It was 58.4% for a

molesting Bigot Twice Fired Asshole Clown to

50%(22,000 vote difference is 2%) for Jones

Make no mistake while a good thing how was

it EVEN that Close? Ignorance & Hate. That is

how. Now Republicans Will All Pretend That a

single Person (Bannon) is too Blame Trying to

ignore exactly where their party is at today. It

is a lie, since They are ALL Attached by Trump

(FU and the horse…)

and none have ever Just Stood Up to Separate

themselves From All That Hate/ignorant Policy

that solely helps the top 1%. They all vote in a

lock step Fashion, They All Support Trump and

they are All cowards solely for the top 1%. The

thing here is Something Happened last night &

the entire World Saw it. Times are changing so

will The Republican Party change with them?!?

Nope, They will go the Way of the Whigs and It

means they are Now Set Adrift into a Darkness

(“It’s On!”)

My two Favorite Moments from last night were

Charles Barkley clearly stating “Hey Dems you

better follow through on Your Policy promises!”

The Second the MAIN reason for Jones winning

was a father actually “felt” the sting of his hate

causing Outrage. THAT is the key. The more we

see Citizens Voting For Their OWN interests and

against those who Hate Them the better we will

be. I can’t Believe I Have to Fucking type that in

2017. Wow, We Are ALWAYS, Stronger Together

NOTE: Do Not ALLOW, The FCC To “Take” Away
Net Neutrality It IS The “Life Blood” Of Freedom
Contact All Your Reps In Favor Of Net Neutrality
This Will Be Pure Evil With ‘Propaganda’ Content
For The Highest Bidders ‘Choking’ All The Others

Have a day!

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