A 57 year old Accused of sexually assaulting

a Teen-aged Girl In his Basement Killed him

(See ya!)

Self, Yesterday. It Was, Suicide. He Claimed

the Charges were “Totally False”. Yes, we all

Know, How Innocent People Just Up And Kill

themselves For No Reason. He Was A “Bible”

beating Family Values “Fraud”, Like Most All

of Them. Being Religious Isn’t the Issue it is

their Hateful lying Hypocrisy That Gals most

citizens. While it is “Sad” To see Any Human

bein’ take their own life, some are so riddled

(<-Member Him?!?!)

with their Heinous Acts of evil it happens. He

knew it & to lie About It ate him up Inside. It

is about fucking time. Disgusting piece of shit

Moore Won’t Concede…

Well thankfully he doesn’t have to. That’d be

like Waiting For A “Moron” to Confirm gravity

(Put it away)

itself. It need not be Done. He lost, and there

is no Recount Done by The State. If he wants

to shell out his own “gwad” cash, so be it and

he can have at it. Might as well burn the Cash

since the same “Results” will be born out. But

since he’s a Twice Fired molesting sack of shit

he Doesn’t Have Morals, A Conscience Or Any

(<-Republican Party)

values to speak of so the bottom of the barrel

is All He Has Left. You know, just like Trumpy

NOTE: Hilarious Moore Moron Apologist, Was
Like A Deer In Headlights When Told The Law
About Religion, And Being “Sworn” Into Office
See, The Government Has No Official Religion
That Is Found In The Fucking 1st Amendment
NOTE II : Net Neutrality, Was Ended For Now
And This Fight Is FAR From Over People. Now
Begins The ‘Lobbying’ From ALL Citizens That
“Push Back”, Hard! This Fight Is Just Starting!

Have a day!

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