But, not The White House. That is so odd

Russia Is still our enemy. Remember that


Cold War for Around 40 Years?!? They’re

now the Worlds Enemy meddling into all

Countries Elections/Government. That is

Unacceptable utter lunacy. Oh and Pauly

“Russian Bitch” Manafort Just Contacted

Russian Intelligence Services To Write a

pro-Russian Op-Ed…….while STILL under

US FBI Surveillance. Holy shit, Read that

again Fully. What A Fucking idiot asshole

(Busted, again!)

Manafort just violated a Court order and

Mueller has STOPPED All Negotiations so

he is super Disco mega Fucked. Trump’ll

start to get even more erratic(Is IT even

possible?)in the up comin weeks. The die

is cast, and it is All Over. Remember that

“Red Line” About Mueller Looking into All

of Trumps Financial Russian ties?!?!? Well

he just subpoenaed Deutsche Bank. Ohhh

(Cell Time!)

boy, you’re fucked. It’s all coming down &

this ends With Filled Club Fed Jails in 2018

NOTE : Republican “Family Values” Fraud
Ralph Shorty Was Arrested Havin’ Sex In
A Motel With A 17 Year Old Boy By Police
He Was Marched Out, With A Bible Quote
On His T-Shirt Oooooooooooooooooooops

Have a day!

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