100,000 Dead & Murder…

May 26th, 2020

We have lost over 100,000 citizens to this horror

Trump / Republicans Do NOT “Remotely” Fucking

(<-For those dead)

care At All. My problems with the Democrats Are

all well documented here. THEY are not the issue

or the problem here. It’s Trump/Republicans and

everyone around them Enabling this Evil. And so

the Entire Civilized World ‘Wants’ Orange Asshole

off of Twitter for ‘spreading racist hate lies’. As a

now real actual Hateful murder’s happenin In our

streets by Immoral, Fired, Violent Cops. This Will

NOT stand in America. We need A Justice System

(Comin for you)

Overhaul YESTERDAY. And “Fired”?!? How About

“charged with murder”? This is unacceptable shit

NOTE: Speaking Of Racist Shit From Another “Karen” We
Get this Asshole Threatening for the Cops To Kill another
Black Man In America For ‘Filming Her’ Breaking The Law

Have a “safe” day!


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