At We Reach a New Grim Milestone That No one

wishes ever happened at 91,751 lives lost, a fat

(<-Lying asshole)

loud lying racist asshole is still spewing all his

idiotic Bullshit. 36 Million People Are Out of a

job. And Trumps response? So What?!?! Fuck

off! He is a fraud, a liar, a nothing child who’s

unworthy to run a lemonade stand let alone a

fucking country. And in his latest Effort to Kill

our country; he fired another watchdog about

to Hammer him & Claimed he’s been Taking a

lot of hydroxychloroquine for the last 2 weeks

What a Lunatic Jackass. The World will Forget

(<-Lying asshole)

he Ever Existed, Come November. So, Here is

hoping we Never do to Repeat Such ignorance

NOTE: Jackass Moron Dumbfuck, Thought COVID 19
Was A Hoax, Then He Contracted It. It Is Darwinism

Have A “Safe” Day!


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