The Orange Anus Yells, Lies, Abuses, lies again, Cries,

whines, lies again, then runs. It’s the same behavioral

(<-Lie Factory)

pattern of Sociopathic Children. And now, he’s trying

to Claim States Can’t Do “Mail In Voting”. Ahem, Yes

they sure Can. And Orange Sludge Fat Baby Can’t Do

a fucking THING about it. NADA. It’s up to the states

& both parties state it’s safe, fair & honest; so he can

bitch all he Likes. It’s just another “distraction” in an

attempt to Hide his Failures of A Presidency in letting

100’s Of Thousands of American Citizens DIE. He Did

NOTHING to Protect, Help, Care or ‘Understand’ what

Is Occurring. NOTHING. It’s Gotten SO Bad, Michigan

(We Know)

will not allow him back after he did NOT wear a mask

for safety while touring the Ford Plant which requires

MASKS for all people. The AG said, “Don’t Ever come

back here ASSHOLE!”. Things Will get ‘Worse’ for him

NOTE: Blathering Idiot Can’t Even Speak Anymore Without
royally fucking It up at Historic Levels. The satire of it here

Have A “Safe” Day!


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