Dr. Rick Bright went to DC today to testify about

the ‘Dire’ Response Problems To COVID19. While


most House Reps asked him Rational thoughtful

questions…Leave it to REPUBLICANS to make it

a partisan Lying Shit Show. They “attacked” him

for no Rational Reason other than political dumb

fuckery. This Pandemic ISN’T Political. It Is Just

medical, scientific, pharmaceutical and All of the

best CDC Practices. It’s not about Untested Idiot

drugs like Hydroxychloroquine, asking about his

(<-Limitless fuck up)

fucking Employment/Salary Or Personal Attacks

These aren’t real leaders they’re political stooges

ALL While Our “Country”, lost 86,770 lives today

NOTE: Republican Burr, Is Now In The FBI’s Crosshair’s For
Insider Trading on COVID Intel. He Stepped Down From his
Committee. Great now get R-Kelly Loeffer! They already did
question Diane Feinstein & she co-operated. Oooooooooops

Have a “safe” day!


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