We do Not Have An Acting President of the United

States. We have a fat racist lying hatefully inciting

(<-Racist Fuck)

in callin’ for the Death of protestors asshole. That

will be corrected on November 3rd. The racist shit

lunacy must End Now.  Racism is not a Difference

of opinion. It’s unacceptable evil. And with hurt &

effected citizens protesting, the law Is not doing a

good job of Serving & Protecting. In fact, they are

now Illegally Arresting Reporters to Stop The Sun

light Exposing Their Violent Hate. This Nation, Will

heal, ONLY When the Bleeding Stops. Until Then it


will be priority #1 to END IT. It all starts with one

fat Orange Shit and every GOP’er who helped him

The Cop Is In Custody but what about the 3 other

assholes who were there as Well?!?! Arrest em all!

All as we mourn 104,284 lives lost cause of Trump

NOTE: Chicago’s Mayor Lori Lightfoot Said “Fuck You” To
Trumps Racist Hate Tweet Calling For Violence. Bravo this
Is Yet Another Step To Getting His Hateful Racist Ass OUT

Have A “Safe” Weekend!

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