Don’t fall for the Trump Distractions. His tweets

do Not Mean Shit. Mueller having everything on

(Yes, it is)

him & his criminal Fraud Fucks is the key. And so

on the front……It’s All over now. Mueller knows it

all. We already Told ya that here a Long time ago

Just got back from London & boy oh boy are they

not as interested in Brexit as They were when the

voting day 2 Years ago Came. See, now May does

not have The Votes, Cause taxes would massively


go up to levels unheard of. And things Financially

look VERY good there right now. See, all of those

“goodies” the UN picks up that membership pays

for, Would Now be Footed by England Tax Payers

They Had No Clue how Expensive That Bill would

even be. It’s like a Snotty Minor Trying to Legally

emancipate, from Their Parents. When told “Hey,

all that “stuff” your parents were paying for is all

(No “Boourns”)

gone. YOU have to pay for housing, food, clothes,

educations, etc”. A Kid Only has that “Wha?” look

NOTE: Macron Tries To Quell Citizens Anger. His “Out Of
Touch” Manors, Are Trying For An Upgrade, But, Without
Any Actual Policies To Help The Poor/Unemployed it Falls
On Deaf Ears. He Best Stop Being Out Of Touch 2 Others

Have a day!

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