We have lost 347,700 good people during

this “Horribly Historic Pandemic”. And Yet,


Congress/Republicans have done Nothing

at all to Stop it/Aid in Solving it or letting

Democrats Help with it. We have one real

Political Party trying to Solve our Nations

Problems/Struggles/Needs. We Have Yet

another that actively seeks 2 destroy, kill

& Harm Democracy/The American People

in every Possible way. They’re Sociopaths

trying To Burn it All Down. It Won’t work,

(We Know)

& Effectively Ends Their Horrible, hateful,

racist Fascist Party forever. The Senate’s

gone. It ALL comes down 2 Georgia folks

Make NO Mistake. You Vote Like Your life

depends on it, because it DOES. And next

Tuesday, is For The US Senate. And what

are Republicans Doing Now? Oh Trying to

“Murder” Democracy Like R-Josh Hawley!

Never forget this immoral, hateful, & very


Anti-Democratic Traitors. All these words

aren’t used Lightly. History will Decimate

them for this lunacy. And their Time’s up

RIP: Actor Dawn Wells Of Gilligagan’s Island Fame
As Maryann. A Great Actor, great person, died due
to COVID, this’s horrible & was clearly preventable
NOTE: The Entire Republican Party Of FOX…Is now
fightin’ against OAN/Newsmax/maga “wing”. There
will be no survivors from hate. They eat each other

Have A “Safe” Day!

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