A white Rental Van “plowed” into pedestrians

9 are dead and 16 more injured. I will update

(Holy Sadness)

as more facts become available. This is pure

horror And Unacceptable Shit. We Will find a

reason For these “Heinous” Acts of cowardice

We will find out all the facts & that is the key

Objective Facts should Guide the way on ALL

things like This Evil. Speaking Of “Fucked UP”

Michael Cohen, And Everyone Around Trump

should be terrified shittin’ their pants. This is

almost over & They all know IT! No “Deals to


cut”, Nowhere to run. Legally is over. Tick?!?!


NOTE: Trump Lied, About His Net Worth To Forbes
And Continues “Lying” To This Day While Not Being
NEARLY As Wealthy. He, Is Not A Billionaire. NOPE!

Have a day!

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