Seems Trumps lies are now catching up with him

at lightspeed. 1st, he’s not as Wealthy as he said

(Pee Pee The Frog)

Not now, Not ever. He flat out lied. Ooooooooops

Now, He ALSO Lied About His Alibi for The Steele

Dossier. He claimed he didn’t “spend the night” &

that’s another mega lie. This means that He/they

are ALL legally Fucked. If Trumps Gonna Keep on

shitting his Pants every 5 Seconds, he might want

to just try diapers…’s a real time saver. There’ll

be no Avoiding Any Jail time now for Any of them

Even if They Co-Operate, It Just Knocks The Time

down, not Away. Shit, Even Melania won’t “Touch”


his hand & looks like she’s living in a big “hostage”

situation. It’s insane that we are Even Here at this

point, but Not Unexpected. Trump and of All those

around him are a Dumpster Fire, with limitless gas

NOTE : School House Rock Composer & Jazz Musician
Bob Dorough, Has Passed Away From Natural Causes
At 94. Truly A Live Well Lived Great Man & Much Love

Have a day!

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