No Cred & Rudy Ghouliani…

April 20th, 2018

The New Head Of NASA has No scientific

background & is a Climate Change denier

(<-Doug Dumbass)

That’s like hirin’ a new Math teacher who

thinks 2+2=Spaghetti. Can The “Trumpy”

sink any lower?!?!? Of Course, it’s Trump

He Just “Hired” Rudy-Less Giuliani, To Be

the next body On the Ash heap. And ohhh

boy did Twitter have a Field Day with him

That’s like Trying to put out a Guy on Fire

When NO ONE Will Give You H2O, So You

dump Gas on a Propane tank & wheel it in

(<-Scum Pile)

Cohen is looking at 20-40 Years in Jail for

the shit he’s Done. Trump & Crew Are ALL

fucked & they “deserve” everythin’ coming

NOTE : Was On WGN Radio, This Wednesday,
With Patti Vasquez As Their White Sox Expert
Comedian & Catch-all ‘Guest’. This Past Show
On Wednesday Was A ‘Good’ One On Sean-O
Tool Box Hannity’s…….Upcoming PR Problems

Have a weekend!

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