We pay our respects today for all

those who have Bravely given up


everything for this Great country

Their service deserves more than

“thank you”. Support All of these

military Communities by helping

in anyway You Can. We are all in

this family. Honor. Oh, Speaking

of people the “Exact” opposite of

Them; Ex-military, Now ‘Treason’

(<-Criminal traitor)

Turd “felon” Michael Flynn wants

a military “coup”; just chuck him

in jail & throw Away the Key. It’s

the best thing we can do, enough

And now Since The Entire GQP is

still “All In” on The Orange Thing

the Sheer volume Of legal issues

they Face Will Be legendary. Just

(Ya fucked!)

no way to Avoid their dire Illegal

actions they all Committed. They

are all, going, down. Tick…….tock

NOTE: The Right Wing Hate Machine Keeps On
Dealing With Pretending COVID Is “Fake” while
All Of Them Contract It & Die. Ooooooooooops

Have A “Safe” Day!

4 Responses to “Memorial Day, Treason & Legal Doom…”

  1. John Bolger

    Republicans are so legally fucked…they should be hookers!

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