Another day in ‘Merica and yes

ANOTHER Mass Shooting. It Is

(No Shit!)

almost as If “Doing nothing” is

not Working. Cause it does not

Our Country’s flooded with the

most amount of Guns on earth

& We got the Most Gun deaths

Pretty simple shit folks. And in

some Good news, COVID #’ers

are Dropping faster than pants

at Prom. We are Almost thru it

& that is “historic”. But what is

also “historic” is the hate & the

‘Obstruction Of Republicans’ In


office left standin’ today. So it

Was Clear Mitch Please Mc Ass

Bag “Demanded” R’s do him a

favor to vote against the Jan 6

Commission Panel. WTF?!?!?!?

They aren’t a political party In

any Rational way Anymore. In

fact, They Now are Directly all

tied to The Criminal Terrorists

of Jan 6th forever. There is no

way to ever Escape since all of

Their Votes, Deeds, Actions, &

(<-R’s today)

words, Directly Support Them

They are all undone. Ooooops

NOTE: A Southwest Flight Attendant Was
Punched In The Face by a passenger; For
the Attendant asking her to keep her seat
Belt On. Throw the Book At her; Jail Time

Have A “Safe” Day!

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