Let me be clear; after this vote

in The US Senate Today, There

(R’s Undone!)

Is No, “Republican Party” Any

longer. In a 54-35 vote which

is Actually 60%. WTF?!?! And

in no Way’ll they Escape This

vote FOR The Violent Jan 6th

‘Terrorist Insurrectionists’. No

way 2 ever forget R’s treason

They don’t serve America nor

Their ‘Oath’ Nor This Country

They Only Serve One Thing &

Nothing More: Trump / Power

Well, 59% & growin’ of voters

Say The ‘Republican Party’, is

Working, “AGAINST” America

(Eat up!)

Because They Are & This Will

not stand. Nope; the hammer

is comin fast they can’t see it

Criminals Try to block all their

crimes. BUZZ! Nope, This will

end the filibuster now, let’s go

NOTE: My Pillow ‘Idiot Supreme’ Was Kicked
Out Of a Republican Governor’s Meeting and
It speaks to the end of their party very quick
NOTE II: AZ Lady who created the bogus ass
Audit insanity. She/Others Should Face DIRE
Legal ‘Consequences’, for This Illegal Lunacy

Have A “Safe” Weekend!

4 Responses to “Republican’s “Support” Jan 6th…”

  1. John Bolger

    We only have ONE Political Party in America right now. Doh!

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