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The Last Gasp…

May 14th, 2021

How Wonderful a world which we live in; and it’s in danger it really (Bang!) depends on Us. When I say US it matters. If some want HATE over humanity; there is no line here. It is untenable & will end in Their Demise. Good Wins, & evil Keeps on “trying”. It is not a […]

These are unprecedented times in ‘Merica, Folks. Yes Political Party’s (We Know) have Fallen Before, but Not Quite like this, where they Died by their own Hands. See, Half of All of the R’s say Orange Thing didn’t stoke The Terrorist Insurrection On Jan 6th. They all know he did; but it’s the Other Half […]

Vaccines are working, we are All getting better, with each Passing (Fair Enough!) Day. THAT, Is Such A “Massive” accomplishment in and of Itself We Will get there Brick by brick And while We will push forward into A Better World The “Entire” Republican Party, Has Officially killed Itself. It’s Over. They Got rid Of […]

The Entire Republican Party left standin’ today does not (Bye Bye) want to govern. In fact, they don’t Want to Do “Anything” but Tax Cuts, Stop voting, & attack everyone including in their “Party”. The latest silly Attack, Is ‘Against’ Dr. Fauci by ‘Libertarian Lunatic’ Rand Paul. So, ‘Squirrel Hair Head’ ‘Attacks’ Fauci with Outright […]

It’s Another day in Merica, so we Have “ANOTHER” Mass Shooting (Ugh) I’m so shocked (fakes “outrage”) We’ve done nothin’ but flood the entire Country With Weapons Of War, With no Rational valid Real regulations. We Tried nothing, & We’re all out of Ideas. Get rid of the DAMN filibuster & pass Sane Gun Reform, […]

It turns out, when partisan clowns “Pretend” to be Journalists, things (No BS Zone!) always Go Sideways. In Fact, the Frauds “Make Up” Stuff instead of doing actual reporting. Well, I am here To Tell You, Intelligent Press Sec Jen Psaki is Not having it Any more. In Fact, She ‘Busted’ newsy Barbie with her […]

While The Republican Party Left Standin today Implodes and the (Boom!) Governor, In Florida, R – Ronny DeSantis holds a Fascist signing Propaganda Rally For Fox News the rest Of the World Moves On He “Signed” into Law A new Jim Crow Voting Suppression Bill to cripple Voters in The State. And, he didn’t allow […]

Happy Cinco De Drinko!! So it’s Time to Get your tequila (Word!) on mi Amigos! Just so Love this day. I’m A huge Mezcal Nut. And the Best Cocktails let That Smokey Flavor Out The next 3-4 Years in these United States, Will Feel like Mardis Gras Everyday After This Pandemic ,Ends. Oh, & Speaking […]

Right now, We’re On pace to have 70% of Adults Fully vaccinated by (Ka-POW!) July, 4th. BOOM! About Time We Had “Adults” In Charge. “Anyone” who is Anti-Vaccine or Anti-mask can kindly all go fuck themselves This isn’t A game It’s life & death And If they don’t want to do it so be It. […]

Vaccines are working, more are Being ‘Injected’ Into arms every (Best Shot!) day. Yes! Have my Moderna 1st shot already, and for those who don’t believe In Em/Won’t take Them; Fine, By Me. “Darwinism” at it’s finest. Just Think, Fidiots won’t get a vaccine 2 save their lives but WILL Succumb to Peer pressure to […]

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