It’s Another day in Merica, so we

Have “ANOTHER” Mass Shooting


I’m so shocked (fakes “outrage”)

We’ve done nothin’ but flood the

entire Country With Weapons Of

War, With no Rational valid Real

regulations. We Tried nothing, &

We’re all out of Ideas. Get rid of

the DAMN filibuster & pass Sane

Gun Reform, Now! President Joe

& Kamala Harris now got a 71%

approval Rating for handling the

COVID Pandemic. Having Actual

adults in Charges Makes A Mega

(<-Lying Prick)

difference. And While things are

gettin better, it’s now the entire

Republican/FOX Noise is Gettin’

Worse. They Want to Go ALL IN

On the Anti-Vaxxer stance so it

is goin to end badly for all of em

Bob “I Cheat Then ‘Cry’ About It

When Busted” Baffart Had A big

doped up horse win Taken away

Because the Horse failed A Drug

test after the race with his horse

Showing “Betamethasone” In its

(<-BB’s BS)

System. He is Also “Suspended”

From “Churchill Downs”. BOOM!

Then he went on FOX & Bullshit

to “whine” about cancel culture

What he means is “makin’ all us

ass criminals face consequences

for OUR Crimes is Unfair”. BUZZ

Nope, just the effects of cheatin’

NOTE: David Litt Went Onto Newsmax &
Literally “Litt” them Up Like A big Pinball
machine. Called out their lies & was great

Have A “Safe” Day!

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