Vaccines are working, more are

Being ‘Injected’ Into arms every

(Best Shot!)

day. Yes! Have my Moderna 1st

shot already, and for those who

don’t believe In Em/Won’t take

Them; Fine, By Me. “Darwinism”

at it’s finest. Just Think, Fidiots

won’t get a vaccine 2 save their

lives but WILL Succumb to Peer

pressure to see Taylor Swift?!?!

And In Other ‘News’, The Gates

split! ZING! You saw what I did

(Wrong Gaetz!)

there. It’s rather Sad but happy

in this life is what matters most

Who gets all the $? Well, seems

Republicans Are Goin’ from bad

to WAY Worse these days. Only

they seem Like the last one’s to

figure It Out. Their Party is Ova

It’s fractured, delusional & very

insane For Over Half of it. Their

infighting is so bad, their Fringe


is now the entire Party. And, so

Alan Derp-O-Witz ‘Sinks’ Into A

legal Ocean along Side them all

NOTE: Chicago Man Gets “Shot” in Front of
Girlfriends House, Looking for Parking?!?!?!
WTF?!? This Gun Violence Lunacy must end

Have A “Safe” Day!

One Response to “Gates Split & Derp-O-Witz…”

  1. John Bolger

    Derp-O-Witz! Ha, what a maroon

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