While The Republican Party Left

Standin today Implodes and the


Governor, In Florida, R – Ronny

DeSantis holds a Fascist signing

Propaganda Rally For Fox News

the rest Of the World Moves On

He “Signed” into Law A new Jim

Crow Voting Suppression Bill to

cripple Voters in The State. And,

he didn’t allow ANY press inside

but FOX. Yes, fascism 101 & it’s

who they are. This’s yet Another

(<-Fascist Fraud)

example Of their distain for ALL

Rights In This Nation. And Now,

it Gets “Worse” For All Of Em in

every possible way; from all the

Jan 6th Terrorists, to Billy Barr,

to Rudy, to Luntz, to The Entire

rotted Republican Carcass endin

with The Seditionists In AZ Who

are playing Deadly & dangerous

games with democracy. The Doj

(<-Cyber Ninjas)

& Government Are Not messing

around Here. Not only violating

Federal Law, But Civil Rights, &

‘Voter Intimidation’ Laws. These

“Clods” are Committing sedition

& Will Pay Dearly For it. Oooops

NOTE: Out Of Touch Wealthy Fraud Douche
Caitlyn Jenner, Is Running For CA Governor
Because Her Jet-Owning Jet Hanger Friends
Don’t Like ‘the homeless’. Ah yes, attacking
The Poorest of us All. Just go the fuck away!

Have A “Safe” Day!

157 Responses to “Legal Woes, Sedition & “Hangers”…”

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