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MLK Day & Santos Russian $…

January 16th, 2023

Today Is MLK Day, and so all those Racist, Fascist GQP’ers (Legend!) try to Claim He’d Be on their side…again. Ha ha ha. Uh no See, racist assholes must try to bend reality to their failed shitty hate. And all fail every time. House GQP’ers And All The Rest OWN This hate And (Yup) Will […]

Republican’s Have No Policies to govern this nation. So, they just (R’s never learn) play fun “Make Shit Up” Games about nonexistent grievances & see What Sticks. Nonna it Does Their Latest bullshit is about all Our “Stoves”. Jeeeeez. Enough already. The Best thing Is to All Ignore Them like Loud Unrulely children. Speaking of […]

Special Counsel Fever & Busted!

January 12th, 2023

You get A Special Counsel, And YOU get A Special Counsel and (Ooooops) YOU get A Special Counsel. Ha ZING! Garland, Just appointed a “Special Counsel” for Biden’s Documents He found & turned right over. There’s nothing bad Here. In fact, He “DID” exactly what any President Must do in this case. Where as A […]

Only thing the GQP has is Partisan Hate, mixed with Fascist terrorism (That’s it) That’s It. And they’ll Try To Cause the MOST Terror They can. It’ll all fail. Why? Well, “Hate” can’t Build stuff. It can’t govern, doesn’t pass Laws & Will Make Voters lives Way Worse. They Will Use Their 4 Vote Margin, […]

The Voters Who Put 4 More GQP/Racist /Terrorist Maga (Bye bye!) idiots In office Can go Enjoy their “House Of horrors” for the next 2 years Suckers so enjoy them doin’ nothing at all About Inflation, trying to “STEAL” Your SS / Medicare everythin’ you pay for, AND try 2 default on on our debt […]

Turns Out, Old Kevin McCarthy, Has a rather large problem in the house (Eat it all!) He’s “Trapped” by The fringe, hate faction Who just Support Domestic terrorism & Will Accomplish ‘Nada’ They Don’t Even Know How any of our Government ‘Functions’. Not in ANY way. They Don’t Grasp Voting, math, legislative process, none a […]

Racist Sign & Broken…

January 6th, 2023

Well well, it only took a half a Second to Out The lying loser (<-Racist sign) George Santos as a Fat Racist His Days are numbered….You can book it. And as the losers GQP Terrorists Try to Pull the idiot McCarthy Across a Their finish line; the entire country losses in the end. They aren’t […]

The “Chaos Caucus” only serves one Master. Themselves & All Their Own (HA!) greed/Power. The ‘Clusterfucks’ Are doing This intentionally to Stop this Government from Functioning, and it Is Simply the Continuation of Jan 6th ‘All Over Again’ from inside this Congress. The best Part of ALL This is the 21 Toddlers Are All Gonna […]

McCarthy just lost votes 4, 5 & 6. He will keep on losing as we (Ya Done!) as a Nation Also Do. And That is the Entire point of all of this GQP’ers HAVE No Policies, Or ideas to Govern. They so don’t Their Only Goal is to shut Our entire Government down, and Make […]

George ‘Santos lil scammer’ did his best “I’m just gonna run the (Get out!) fuck away from all of the press” Impression, & Was As Hilarious as you’d expect it 2 B. Shit if u just add ‘Benny Hill Music’ to it It Gets Even Funnier. When He arrived At his “Office” the Press was ALL […]

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