Cory LIE-endowski…

September 18th, 2019

We really do live in Insanely Strange times people

Scumbag liars lyin about their lies is now at an all

(Keep talking)

time high these days.; what happened to honesty?

In the blip of Trump racist hate lies fascist lunacy

around today, this falls in the “Oh, that crap” bin

Don’t Act Surprised, VOTE. Don’t bitch about it &

do Nothing, VOTE. When You VOTE, You Steal all

the bullshit away. You take away the curtain from

those robbing us. You make them do it in the Sun

THAT Ends Them All. Open the Doors, Let light In

He just did more Damage to Orange idiot then he

knows. His Direct Interference in all this ends em

Have a day!

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