As the world watches an orange toddler eat

paint chips yummly Extolling “Needs Salsa!”

(We Know)

the Rest of the Globe Is watching one Boris

Johnson Make A Massive ASS Of Himself at

every turn. He was exposed as not knowing

what The Irish Backstop Even WAS & that’s

Not All. He Pulled A “No Show” To His Own

“Press Conference”, With the EU. He knows

less than Nothin about serious policy issues

The cats not just out of the bag for ol’ Boris


It’s on his head shitting. Oh, speaking of an

Idiot in so Far Deep they are Done For, one

Justin Trudeau Now Has The Rich white Kid

problems. He dressed up in Black Face…….a

LOT. Jeeeeeeeez. I Have well over 2 million

people Between Chicago & Aurora That I do

call “Friend”. And, NONE Of Them Ever DID

this. Not Once. Now, that Said, he would be

light years ahead of Any Conservative In an

(Oh Jeeeeez)

elected PM Office This October. He did care

& Apologized. The Other Side Wouldn’t and

it’s Because they Really Really Really love it

Have a day!


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