It’s That Time Of The Treason…

September 20th, 2019

In what can only Be Called the End Game,

last straw, that’s all folks, a hard goodbye

(No Shit!)

This Nuclear Crime that’ll echo in history

books Forever is unrivaled. He didn’t just

bribe, black mail & Kompromat (Which is

ILLEGAL in the United states to accept it)

Trump Committed A Crime Against Every

Citizen, Against our Constitution, Against

our Country, Against the law, and against

Humanity Itself. And, Accomplice #1 Was

an Utter clusterfuck On National TV when

(It’s Over)

he ‘ADMITTED’ It. Rudy, Rudy, Rudy, You

are the “Grift” That keeps on givin’. If the

sitting Democrats in the house do nothing

it’ll be the End Of Their Party As Well now

This “Whistler Blower”, is A National Hero

NOTE: The Princess Of Arizona, Walked Of The Set
Of the View. Perhaps She, Boris Johnson, Trump &
EVERY ‘Lying Fraud’, ‘Racist Aiding’, Country Killing
Republican will follow their Leads. It’s unacceptable
(They really can’t address Facts/reality so they run)

Have a weekend!


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