Guilty, More Crimes/Subpoenas…

September 30th, 2019

It’s Getting So ‘Bad’ For Trump/Republicans,

they have people Quitting daily, getting sent

(We Know)

to jail, going On National TV makin’ lunatic

lying partisan frauds of themselves…and at

same time Trump himself is now committin’

even MORE CRIMES. Yes ya read That right

He Just tried to “Press” the Australian Head

to “Help Barr” With discreditin’ The Mueller

Inquiry origins. Psssssst, YOU are the origin

See, if You REALLY Wanted to Find that out,

(Oh shit!)

you could just READ what was discovered &

it’s ALL about YOU. This Is now more Crime

Impeachment just went UP another 6 points

The groups leading that Poll? Republicans &

Independents. Oooooops. Now, come all the

Subpoena’s hitting Rudy, Pompeo (Who was

now sited as being ON the Ukraine call) with

(“Crime to meet ya!”)

MORE coming daily. They, are, All, So fucked

Barr, along with Trumpy, Are 1st To go down

NOTE: Some At FOX Have Turned On The Republican
Propaganda PR lies of the partisan hacks defendin him

Have a day!


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