Orange-Anus Openly Admits Crime…

September 23rd, 2019

Orange Shit-Sicle openly Admitted he Broke

the law. Because when you Keep on breakin’

(No, no, no)

the fucking law but never get arrested, you

keep on Doing it. He openly Bribed Ukraine

In a Phone Call Over 8 times. This is illegal

The Whistle Blower, Noted Trump Promised

them he Would grant “Aid” back. This is SO

massively illegal he should cuffed and in jail

And, Republicans are trying to block all Info

from The Whistler Blower to Congress. This

will End Their ‘Entire Party’/Trump/The Law

(Buckle up!)

Not as if we have seen this before but this is

as SERIOUS As it Gets. Our Democracy is At

Stake. If Democrats Do Not Stand Up, All Of

our Entire Country will be ‘lost’ forever. Fight

NOTE: Chicago Bears MNF Game Tonight Is A ‘Must’
Win & QB Mitch must take a big step Forward Today
NOTE II: DHS Clearly States That White Supremacy
IS ‘Domestic Terrorism’. Yes, We Already Knew This!

Have a day!


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2 Responses to “Orange-Anus Openly Admits Crime…”

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