Formal Impeachment Begins!

September 24th, 2019

With our very Democracy hanging in the

balance; Pelosi FINALLY decides to Start

(Toot! Done)

A, “Formal Impeachment Inquiry”. About

time! This is┬ádevastatin’ News for Orange

Assbucket. And the Senate just voted, All

Unanimously The ‘Whistle Blower Report’

MUST be made available to Congress. Oh

yes, you read that Correctly. Republicans,

who’ll Only Think Of Their Own Asses will

throw his fat ass under the bus if it comes

to that. Make no Mistake, they Will Really

do everything in their power to protect an

(“Wait, wha?!?”)

Immoral racist POS. This, legally speaking

will end their Careers if they do nothing &

this Is great news for Justice, honesty and

our very Democracy. “No one is above the

law”-Nancy Pelosi. That has to be the case

if our Country’s Democracy Is To “Survive”

NOTE: The UK’s Highest Court Voted Against Boris
Stating, His Prorouge Was ‘Illegal’. He, Is Finished
Shortest Ever PM in British History Is in Store Now

Have a day!


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