Countless Crimes, Panic Time…

September 26th, 2019

As the DNI Head testified today, It became

crystal Clear Trump, Rudy, Barr, VP Pence

(“I do!”)

Mulvaney & More Are ALL “Legally fucked”

He made no Judgements, Accusations or a

conclusion. The Whistle Blower Report Did

that. He finds the Report “Credible” & Said

“No one Is above the law”. Indeed. There’s

no Escape from dire legal charges now and

idiot already fully Admitted that he did the

illegal Acts. And now, when Faced With all

these Illegal crimes this Fat Orange Tyrant

(“I Fuked?!?”)

THREATENS The Whistle Blower and All of

those who Helped them, With ‘Death’. Yes,

you read that Correctly. That’s yet Another

crime. He will Get Worse, so watch Closely

Republicans Will be, ‘Panicking’ Worse with

each Passing Day. And in this case they all

DESERVE it. They Cheered on/lied For/and

Aided This Criminal In Every Possible Way,

from the Very Start. They’re all tied to him

(Yes indeed)

forever. They’ll Try to Distance Now. Nope

In this case It’s not just the Crime, but the

Cover Up, As Well. Think, A 2fer Thursday

NOTE: Polls, Are Shifting At Light Speed In Favor
Of Impeachment. That Number Will grow Rapidly
As Each Day Passes With More Crimes. Oooooops

Have a day!


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