Trump is hurt. He’s in deep shit. This Is the End

His jabbering lunacy press conferences where It

(Yes, you are)

was Crystal clear he knows It’s over. He avoided

questions, favoring a Slew of lies, Vague Lunatic

Conspiracies & Attacked Biden All just To Ignore

this Inevitable Impeachment for his overt crimes

This Will Go Very Quickly. Orange Fuckstick, Just

openly sent out a “version” of his phonecall With

The Ukraine President & it’s Even Worse For Him

than you can possible imagine. There Is nowhere

2 go from here. There’s nowhere to run, nowhere


to hide now. From a string of lies, to bein’ boldly

corrected in realtime by the Ukrainian President,

to Bizarre World-Salad Gibberish; He, is Undone

The DOJ, Barr, Mulvaney, Pence & More, Will All

be going down for their illegal actions in trying to

hide/Stall the Whistler Blower report to Congress

D-Mike Quigley read the Report already. His said

it is “Detailed”, “Very, very well done” And that it

(“It’s over!”)

“reinforces the concerns of what we already know”

In the end, Trump threw Pence under the bus too

NOTE: BJ, just “Mocked” The Death Of Jo Cox, Who Was
Murdered by a ProBrexit Racist. Do a no confidence Vote
Now! Remove that immoral hateful pile of disgusting shit

Have a day!


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