DHS-Terror Alert & Terrorism…

January 27th, 2021

We are livin’ in very dangerous times

DHS Issued A Terror Alert In America


But we’re also a VERY good & handle

This Hate. The US is 31-0. They Can

Fuck Around & find Out. This is not a

game. 45, out 50 senate Republicans

support Orange Fuck/Terrorists. This

will, Not, STAND. They’re not a Party

they’re just in open insurrection. See

this Will Get Worse from them day by

day. If they turnon him, they burn; if

they defend Him/Terrorism, they also

(Fascist Terrorist)

burn. THEY Did This With Decades of

Southern Strategy hate. See they’re

now 90% controlled by the hate and

in the end they always were. They’re

gonna “Go Thru Some Things”. Look,

Kevin McCarthy WENT To Him & Yet

others commit Acts of terrorism daily

against this Nation. You can’t take an

Oath to Defend this Nation From Our

Enemies Both Foreign, & Domestic Is


A BIG “Problem”, When The Domestic

One’s Are Republican ‘Voters’. This, is

as serious as it gets here; they fucked

NOTE: House Republican decided To Spew Some
‘Conspiracy Theories’, About KILLING The Others
in congress, & Harassed “shooting Victim” David
Hogg. D-Jimmy Gomez Who Called To Expell her
RIP: Cloris Leachman. An Actor Like No Other On
this planet watch her movies/work your welcome

Have A “Safe” Day!

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