While we are still squarely in the middle

of A Horrific Pandemic; Vaccines Are All

(& Pfizor work!)

being Distributed as Rapidly As possible

We will have some Dark/Hard days, but

the light at the end of that terror tunnel

is clearly visible; we will get there. Even

in Downtown Chicago, we’re now at Tier

1 which’s great news. But Who got BAD

News Was Mr. Shoe Polish Head Rudy G

He Got, His ‘immoral’ Lying inciting ASS

sued by Dominion for $1.3 Billion; ha ha

He Fucked around & found out and news

(Jail Toy!)

flash; tons of Republican’s/media liars &

Orange Ass/Sittin’ Congress folks will be

next. They Are Savin;, FOX/OAN for last

The Entire R Party, in Congress, Is OVER

They’ve sided With the Fascist Terrorists

who stormed the Capitol. See, Unity only

comes when consequences do for an evil

Hate. Anyone who tries to forget it/brush

it away; supports it. And it would happen

again. No not ever Again. Any R who’s on

(It MUST!)

Orange Anus’s ‘Side’, Supports Terrorism

No Escaping that now with Impeachment

already in the Senate Today. They are all

fucked now each day it gets worse for em

Biden’s getting his Confirmations through

NOTE: Orange Felon, #48273638 Did More “Criming” by
“Trying” to get Barr/Rosen/DOJ To Overturn the Election
Results. They Said “No! There’s no election fraud, It’s so
baseless & we’ll all resign if you try”. Shouldn’t save Barr

Have A “Safe” Day!

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