There is no “open the country” options until we, as

a country Decide best Practices. And this is not any


decision By Trump Or His “Administration”. It is not

their call at all. It’s the ground Floor of states while

they deal with the stark reality of the virus. This all

comes down to our “testing”. Period. Until we get a

proven Vaccine; testing’s the key to begin business

again, if We Can. This Will Never be “Normal” For a

while. BUT, the “Hope” is There. And the mission is

VERY clear. Test people in order to go back to work

and ONLY When they are “Cleared”. Until then, this

is lunacy. Trump is insanely Playing With Fire and it

(Just burning it)

will Cost him/his Lunacy followers everything. And,

it more importantly costs all society it as well. The

key is Doing everythin’ CORRECTLY. Until then, no

NOTE: Out Of Touch Republicans Have NO IDEA How Much
It Costs for Average ‘Citizens’ In this country. Vote Em OUT

Have a “safe” day!

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