These are not “protests”. The key to any 1st amendment

“protest” is the Peaceful Part. When you are armed, or If


you try Violence/Storm the Capital by force that’s called

“Domestic Terrorism”. To Show Force With Loaded guns

is NOT “protected” by the 1st amendment. Ya don’t get

to say “Do X, or we Kill You”. That, is called terrorism &

it Has NO PLACE in Our Great Country. They should ALL

be arrested for incitement; this isn’t a game. It’s against

the fucking LAW To Do This. This will Not “End Well” for

these Immoral Insane Shits. In fact, It’s Driving most of

the Country away from them. This is Increase daily with


them Ignoring the Law, Safety & Reality of this moment

It’s still bad with deaths. We sadly stand at 63,642 who

have passed away due to This Virus. The absence of any

Rational Leadership By Orange Asshole is “Immoral Shit”

NOTE: Tonight on Millionaire My Buddy’s Ike & Hannibal will be on it So
Please Tune in and Enjoy Some Fun. No, I Wasn’t Their Life Line. Ooops

Have a “safe” day!

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